Florida Archaeology Month

Florida Archaeological Month (FAM) is an annual event sponsored by the Florida Anthropological Society (FAS), the Florida Archaeological Council, the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, and the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks. The purpose of the event is to provide opportunities for Florida residents and visitors to learn about the extensive archaeological resources in Florida and their precarious existence. The event highlights some of the important archaeological research projects being conducted by the State of Florida, universities, and private for profit and non-profit organizations statewide. Florida Archaeological Month strives to teach about the importance of stewardship of both historic and pre-historic archaeological resources.

The FAS is the lead organization that conducts and promotes Florida Archaeology Month. FAS is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff, and there are no paid staff involved in developing the poster, bookmarks and booklets or conducting the extensive programs sponsored by the 15 FAS Chapters. No staff receives compensation from the historic preservation grants for their duties in conducting FAM.

The Department of State, Division of Historical Resources maintains a website that includes a calendar listing many of the FAM programs being conducted during March of each year

FAM has become an important program for Florida's schools as many classes take advantage of FAM information to teach about history and pre-history of Florida. Some events are specifically designed for the classroom format or for field trips. FAS Chapter have developed special relationships with schools to provide posters and bookmarks that are displayed in the schools- Florida State Parks is an avid supporter of FAM displaying the posters in park entrance stations, visitor centers and in high use areas in kiosks. Many private museums and public libraries display the posters and make bookmarks available for students of all ages to promote stewardship and sources of information about Florida’s vast archaeological resources.

If you would like to make a donation to FAS for Florida Archaeology Month. Donations can be made through paypal or by check.

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